This fully interactive training course will teach you to read micro-expressions, notice hidden gestures and undertand the patterns behind what people say.

With interactive video tutorials and exercises to test your newly found skills.

  • A different approach

Traditional body language texts focus on teaching set patterns (arms crossed = defensive) but miss out the two real cornerstones of reading human interaction - micro expressions & gestures.

  • Learn to spot micro-expressions

Documented in 1996 as part of study into understanding non-verbal human communication, reading these brief flashes of emotion is one of the key things that sets apart the 0.25% of people who are classified as natural truth wizards.

  • Video Lessons

We break down each element of the course into a 3 step process, introducing the concept, then a series of videos focussing in on the area you are learning to read (lips / facial tension etc.) followed by challenges to test your new people reading skills.

  • Unlock Badges

As well as video courses teaching you how to read body language you will also benefit from repeated video challenges - can you tell what people are thinking by reading their body language?

  • Improve your Communication

By understanding other people better you can improve your can tune what you are saying to get a better result, if you have a better idea of what the other person is thinking then you have a better understanding of what best to day.

  • Better negotiations

Improve your negotiation and sales performance through better understanding of your customers.

I found the skills from this course really useful, not just in developing and managing my own team, but also in negotiating with suppliers and influencing Directors and the MD. I was really surprised at how much more I could pick up, after only a couple of minutes practice.

Kate Chilvers - Marketing Manager.